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Mind my Mind


Mind my mind - Clara Grosjean

Concept, Chorégraphie & Performance : Clara Grosjean

Lumières : Laura Moura Costa & MTD Students


Photographies : Alberto Quirico

Mind my Mind


starting from the mind

breaks the body

into many little pieces

bones as landscapes

skull as the moon

crumbs of thoughts

perfectly preserved like fossils

listen below the surface

everything is already there


earthquake under the skull

breaks the body

hack the unconscious

freeze your memories

before they melt

your thoughts will disappear in a second

what will remain?


staying alive

breaks the body

so grab your flesh

and grab your mind

before they flee away

Mind my mind - Clara Grosjean
c (17).JPMind my mind - Clara Grosjean
Mind my mind - Clara Grosjean

“An attempt to research the relationship between brain, body and soul, but more specifically on the ideas of memory loss and confusion of thoughts, related to Alzheimer disease. A brain sculpture, made of brown and red ropes, is floating in front of the audience. As I start my performance with my head into the brain, I step out in order to perform physically the inner thoughts processing in the brain. The ropes of the brain suggest the messiness, the interconnectivity, and the complexity of our thought process. The choreographic material evokes a body that little by little forgets its memories and loose its bearings, and has difficulty organising thoughts, thinking logically or completing familiar tasks. After trying different choreographic scores, I concluded that it was more interesting when I was forgetting for real what was coming next, or when I was not able to perform the movement because of an excess of information, instead of faking the memory loss and acting the confusion.”

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