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Noir Vanille


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Concept & Choreography: Clara Grosjean

In collaboration with

Performers: Emma Pocq, Margaux Lissandre

Composers: Beatriz Alvarez, Xico Ribas

Musicians: Agostinho Sequeira

Outside eyes: Eulalie Rambaud, Amélie Roch, Shane van Neerden

Pictures: Tony Noël (black&white), Hubert Souquet (colors)

Video: Hubert Souquet

Extracts from rehearsals (February 2023)

Noir Vanille is a hybrid and multilayered artwork, made of choreography, visual arts, and an immersive soundscape. A sculpture called “Brain”, crafted with doll heads with long hair is carried by two dancing bodies, and together they become a moving object. The Brain is nourishing, resisting, and constraining the movements, which bring the choreographic work to new challenges. The movement comes from the interactions and co-existing between the brain and the two bodies. Exploring the duality, the forms of relationships, we see the space inbetween the bodies like an invisible matter that links them. Partially blind, the performers develop a specific awareness with expanded sensations, listening and adjusting their bodies to one another. The performers dive into their inner child from and question what remains from childhood in our adult life: what kind of relationships do we cultivate with our inner child? How our childhood often conditions, in an unconscious way, our behaviors, thought patterns, limiting beliefs?

With the support of

Centre National de la danse, Lyon

Compagnie Chatha, Lyon

Auditorium Seynod, Annecy

Keep an Eye Foundation, Amsterdam

Maker zoekt Maker, Amsterdam

MJC Louis Lepage, Nogent-sur-Marne

Théâtre Antoine Watteau, Nogent-sur-Marne

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1. Noir Vanille Credits picture Hubert Souquet.JPG

As a viewer, the Brain imposes an anonymous identity which can trigger; these bodies, without any facial expressions, unfold a choreographic language open for interpretation, creating a visual shift with the fixed and uniform faces of the dolls. Their imagination is moved by the performers’ movements through a kinesthetic empathy. 

Noir Vanille is conceived for indoor exhibition spaces, such as museums, galeries, art centers... Inhabiting this spaces allows to create an intimate context for the audience, in order for them to see the details of the brain, dolls, and bodies in motion.


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