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Les Marées Sèches ("The Dry Tides") is a long durational performance, for algae and humans in a horizontal and non-hierarichal relationship.
The core question of the creation process is: How to create a non-anthropocentric choreographic work? The attempt to have two species on an equal footing implies to adjust and regulate the presence of the performers in a “choreographic” work, which traditions were to show the virtuosity of human bodies in movements.
The performance’s temporality is defined according to the tidal cycle: 6 hours and 12 minutes, which is the time between the lowest tide to the highest tide.

Noir Vanille Clara Grosjean Compagnie Sfumato.jpg

Noir Vanille is a hybrid and multilayered artwork, made of choreography, visual arts, and an immersive soundscape. A sculpture called “Brain”, crafted with doll heads is carried by two dancing bodies, and together they become a moving object. Partially blind, the performers develop a specific awareness with expanded sensations, listening and adjusting their bodies to one another. The performers dive into their inner child from and question what remains from childhood in our adult life? As a viewer, the Brain imposes an anonymous identity which triggers. Their imagination is moved by the performers’ movements through a kinesthetic empathy.

The Brains SFUMATO Danse chorégraphie Dance Choreography The Brains Clara Grosjean


5 brains and 6 bodies explore the world within themselves.
Bounded by their memories and disordered thoughts, they seek for human encounters. 

" This work is related to my eagerness to explore and research about memory loss, mental disorders, and the relationship between mind-body-brain-soul. In a such agitated world, where silence is rare, I search for marginality and look at what is happening inside us. What we don’t see, what is invisible. Our own mind is an exhausting territory."

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