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The Brains


Concept & Choreography: Clara Grosjean

Director of photography: Fugue - Abhay Kumar

Performers: Beatriz Baptista, Alida Bergakker, Coline Delgado, Paul Elie, Clara Grosjean, Dan Mihai Radulescu

Editing & Sound: Clara Grosjean

Lights & Pictures: Alberto Quirico

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The Brains - Clara Grosjean - Compagnie Sfumato.JPG

" This work is related to my eagerness to explore and research about memory loss, mental disorders, and the relationship between mind-body-brain-soul. In a such agitated world, where silence is rare, I search for marginality and look at what is happening inside us. What we don’t see, what is invisible. Our own mind is an exhausting territory. As we don’t control our thoughts, the movements’ authenticity and spontaneity were a key of the creation process. Unshaped and improvised, the movements come from a specific thoughts and sensations that they are embodying physically, connecting body and mind. Like a loop, the physical reactions that they experienced inform their thoughts and mental process. Movements can reveal what is sleeping in the unconscious. Each performer is embodying a specific character, inspired by the materials their Brain and associated with a mental disorder."

The Brains - Clara Grosjean - Compagnie Sfumato
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The Brains - Clara Grosjean - Compagnie Sfumato

Triggered by intricate artworks, I combine different artistic layers: visual sculptures, a movement research, a theatrical exploration of characters and archetypes, and a soundtrack with voice recorded. The Brains are mainly made of wastes, because it is strongly important for me to create ecological artworks, in respectful ways regarding the environment. I create with daily durable objects to transform what is already present in my surrounding. This timeless materiality takes over the faces of the performers, covering them and suggesting the mental pollution in which we are living nowadays.

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